Are you looking for the perfect premium theme for blogging?  Now is your chance to get the best theme out there for blogging!  I love this.

They did this once before and now they’re doing it again.  The 8BIT team just announced a special 20% discount on all Standard Theme products, starting now, February 9th,  and lasting until Wednesday the 15th. This makes the Standard Theme and Support License only $79.  There is no annual fee or monthly subscription.

If you’re not familiar with The Standard Theme allow me to introduce you to some of the features.

This blog and a few others I developed (,, are all built on the Standard Theme.

It is a premium WordPress theme developed specifically for serious bloggers. The Standard has a smooth look out of the box, and gives you a jump-start with advertising and social media.

It comes with the popular “Follower Counter” feature, which integrates your RSS and Twitter followers.

My experience with blogging and WordPress premium themes pales in comparison to many other people.  So maybe your looking for some reassurance that I’m telling you the truth.  Well, take a look at what the big dogs had to say.

Michael Hyatt listed five reasons why he switched to the Standard Theme.

“According to my Google Analytics account, my visitors have increased by 38.4% and my page views by 43.8% in the week following the installation compared to the week before. I realize it’s only been a week; other variables may have contributed to this, including (perhaps) more popular blog posts. But I really think Standard Theme’s native search engine optimization (SEO) accounts for most of the uptick.”

Mashable called Standard one of the 8 best premium themes available for WordPress in 2010.

“Don’t be fooled by the name. The Standard Theme isn’t “standard” as in “ordinary.” Rather, it aims to set an industry standard for content-centric sites and blogs by being the (allegedly) best-coded WordPress theme ever. Standard is SEO- and load time-optimized, and with ample ad placement opportunities and Google Analytics integration, it’s ideal for professional and commercial applications.”

When you pay for the Support License you get these great features as well:

  • Access to a growing community of developers and designers.
  • New styles (called customizations) every month.
  • All future version upgrades to Standard Theme are included! Purchase once, upgrade forever.

When it comes right down to it, anyone wanting to increase their search ranking, sell advertisements, or improve the speed of their blog should seriously consider taking advantage of the week long sale.  Jump on over to the Standard Theme and see what other features and benefits there are.