Nehemiah 3.2 – Men Of Jericho…What?!

I was looking over the biblical example of project management according to Nehemiah.  If you haven’t heard of this story in the Old Testament of the Bible then you are truly missing out.  It is a story that begs the question “What can I do? I’m only a(n) __________.” You fill in the blank. This guy was a trusted servant of the king but he was in charge of one thing, the drinks of the king.  That’s it.

Well, moving on tot he real reason I wanted to bring this story up.  I was reading through chapter 3 and came across this: “And next unto him builded the men of Jericho.”

What?  I though Jericho had been completely obliterated.  Nothing was left alive according to the account in Joshua.  I already hear the critic screaming “See!  It’s full of contradictions!”  Not so fast Sherlock.  There was one, Rahab according to Joshua 6:23.  In fact, there was an entire family with her. Her father, mother, and brothers were saved with her.

What is so impressive to me is that about 1000 years after the fall of Jericho (1550 BC) there was a group of men from Jericho that were rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem (445 BC) next to the priests.  They must have been faithful but their faithfulness isn’t the focus of why the God mentions it.  God’s faithfulness is to every generation!

Scriptures are amazing!

Doctor Visit With 6

Ever been in one appointment rooms with 4 boys and 2 adults all at once? I hadn’t either until today. The Dr was great and the 1.5 hours passed really fast.
Thankfully it was just for well child checks but with 4 crazy boys in my house I am expecting to see a lot of our pediatrician in the coming years.
Hopefully they won’t always end in shots and a sad 3 year old.


Baby Caden Is In The House!!!

Everyday we are reminded of the tragedy and destruction that living in this fallen world brings. Hopelessness. Finality. Failure. All of these are characteristics of this world we live in.

Every once in a while though, God gives us a gift of hope and future. We see the world in a different lens when we concentrate on these gifts. It becomes a world of possibilities, bright future, and love.

My 4th “gift” came today in a small package named Caden Allen Woodard. He was born this morning at 4:35 AM EST. Surprisingly, he is the runt of our litter, coming in at 7lb 10oz and 19″ long.

Mommy and baby are doing great, tired, but great. I hope to post more pictures of the other 3 meeting him for the first time. All they knew was that mommy kept calling her belly Caden. :)

Spending Time With My Boys.

As much as I complain about having to work from home and get “distracted” all day long. I love hanging out with my boys. They are awesome. The other day I made them promise they would still hang out with me when they are teenagers.

I know it was a futile effort on my part, but I have to try. It’s not like I’m always gonna be smart and strong.

Here are a few images of our first few weeks of this summer.


Imagination Is Necessary To See God

We have a weekly parenting class at our church here in Summerville, SC. Currently, we are learning about AWANA and adopting the same principles that it uses to reach children to our own homes. This week we covered game time.

I know, I know…”So what!”

Here is the part that got me. The games that we play with our kids are fun but the really good games all tend to have one thing in common. They all help build our imagination. Possibly the biggest problem with most television and games we watch, they all tend to hand us the things that is usually left to our imagination.

Games like soccer, football, bowling, golf, chess, scrabble, Wii, Candyland, etc. all build so many good characteristics in our children. If you’re like me you totally overlooked the imagination connection. Sure they help us relate to each other and build strong relationships but on top of all that have you ever considered how it effected our relationship with God? I had never even took the time to consider the spiritual side effect of a good imagination.

Read Psalm 139: 1-16 and you will find words that can only be imagined. Somethings are just indescribable in our language because it just doesn’t exist.

God has given each of us some incredible imaginations. Sometimes, we see the art of imagination out of balance (mental issues) and other times we see it so crippled (wealth and pride) that life becomes bland and hopeless.

So this season when you hear the Christmas story read from Luke 2 again for the millionth time, try to use your imagination and consider how Awesome God truly is.

What games can you say have the greatest impact on a child’s imagination?

It Was Time To Sign On The Dotted Line

Today I finalized my paperwork for the State of South Carolina and officially became the “managing member” of Wingspan Marketing LLC located in Summerville, SC. WOOHOO!!!

It has been a crazy road so far to get to this point but I believe I’m ready to take this new challenge in my life. I have to say that credit is not do to me or anyone else but my Savior. I would have never made these decisions without Him guiding every step of the way. Sometimes it felt like He was smacking my legs to stay on track while others He seemed to be carrying me on His broad shoulders. Ether way, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that Wingspan Marketing LLC and every project it produces is only done because of a loving and caring God.

Read more about how I feel about this on my company blog

To Hit The Mark You Have To Miss It

I was outside with son#2 when I set up challenge for myself. I told Matthew I was going to pitch a golf ball into the cup holder of a lawn chair from about 10 feet.

Impossible? Nope, the hole is bigger than the golf ball and I have had similar luck from 137 yards. I knew all it would take is some trial and error and plenty of chances.
I began to think of the similarities between setting little challenges and setting life goals. I don’t know too many people who live life like they achieve success 100% of the time. On the other hand, I do know many of the same people (including myself) who expect it that much. Maybe you know exactly how I feel then. Like when I think I have failed because something didn’t turn out like I thought it should.

At an M2LIVE conference about a year and a half ago John Saddington and Tony steward were answering some questions when they said: “We aren’t smarter or more talented than you, we’ve just made more mistakes”.
This is so big for me. We learn in life either by experience or by lesson. Both of which require failure in order to learn.

The idea of learning from my mistakes isn’t new to me, the thought of winning from my mistakes was.

There are two things that hit me while thinking about this. They are two essential ingredients that go into success: fun and failure.

From what I can see, in order to succeed at something we should enjoy doing ‘it’ and we should work hard at learning from mistakes.

It may be simple but it takes a God given calling to to be passionate and determined in most jobs.

Just sayin.