What if there was a better way to communicate our pro-life message: a kinder, more compassionate approach that would attract people to the cause of life? This year, get your friends and family a gift that supports LIFE >> http://bit.ly/1wSZgQv And don’t forget – when you purchase a gift from the OFL store, you’re also contributing to our LIFE saving efforts! by online4life

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Each of the mass genocides in history have been a result of dehumanization. In the same way, justification of abortion is easy for those who invalidate the humanity of the unborn. However, science stands on the side of the pro-life community as it proves that one’s humanity begins at conception — and that is simply an indisputable truth. Help us work to stop the genocide of America’s unborn. Tell a friend about the work of OFL today. by online4life

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“I” is now ready to be called “mommy” to baby #2,434! Initially ready to leave the country, “I” was not prepared to face her positive pregnancy test. While researching flights home to Europe, she was also researching abortion options online to escape her reality. Fortunately, OFL was there and helped her set an appointment at a neighboring life-affirming clinic. After visiting with the center and learning about the procedure, “I” knew she couldn’t follow through with having an abortion. “I” has decided to happily embrace her newest title to baby #2,434! by online4life

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