“M” took the time to think about her decision, and chose LIFE for baby #2,475! Battling what to do with her unexpected pregnancy, “M” went online to look up abortion information. Rather than booking an appointment at an abortion clinic, “M” found OFL and made an plan to visit a life-affirming center. During her appointment, she received a sonogram but it was too early to see her child. Fortunately, “M” received counsel that encouraged her and her boyfriend to wait to make a decision on next steps. At a follow up appointment, “M” was able to see her unborn child and was so grateful she waited. It was then that “M” chose LIFE for her sweet little babe — child #2,475! by online4life

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I'm the father of 4 boys and the husband of the most incredible woman. I'm the web developer for OnlineforLife.org and help in side projects when I can.

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