Right now I feel like someone I respected just sat me down and pointed their big ugly finger at and told me like it was. I have to explain…

I’ve had an idea for the last 18 months or more. Ever since losing my dream job at a church as the Youth/Associate/Web pastor I’ve felt the desire to create a network for web ministry volunteers and professionals where ideas could be exchanged and ministry websites could be easily built, maintained and advanced. I have to say, I’ve tested, prodded, talked, and invested enough to get this thing done. I’ve literally spent weeks fine tuning my ideas to where I felt it was doable only to wake up the next morning to find so much more I needed to do before I could feel comfortable enough to move forward.

Today is different. I’m ready to move forward.

Finger #1

This article by Benny Hsu was the first finger in my face this morning that reaffirmed my process was not a process of failings but of refining. The last 18 months or so of this process has been incredibly draining and,in some ways overwhelming. It is so easy to equate my ‘lack’ of finishing this project and getting it launched with failure after failure. Like Benny said in his article on Tentblogger.com, “I didn’t fail. Instead I realized what I didn’t like to do. That was very important to me because I always had so many ideas, but didn’t know where to start.”

Finger #2
This was the last and final finger I needed in my face today. Chris Ames is incredible at what he does. He was one that took some time with me to help me refine my GREAT idea. I know my idea was most likely not what he had in mind in the article titled “I’M NOT IMPRESSED WITH YOUR GREAT IDEA” but it felt as if I was sitting in my pew on Sunday morning and no one else was in the auditorium except the preacher and me. You know that feeling? Yep.

So here is my GREAT IDEA. WPMinistry.com is my opportunity to share with the web ministry community my thoughts and feelings about the best opportunities to do web ministry using WordPress. That is just a small fraction of my idea.

I developed WPMinistry.net to fill a need I’ve seen among ministries. You can read more about it on the site but basically it allows a small church to sign up for a free account, develop a website with TONS of features designed for churches and ministries, and then upgrade to a monthly subscription fee for help, a domain name, and updates. No need to bother with hosting, domain registrars, looking for developers, or anything else that usually comes with developing a website.

Check it out. It’s still being refined but it is my BIG idea and I’m ready to let the word out. 🙂

What do you think? Should I still keep my mouth shut about this?