Believing in God and Believing on God are 2 different things.

I know it sounds like a simple play with semantics but it could be a clear defining line of where someone is in their relationship with God. 

Abraham believed on God’s promises and it was counted as righteousness before God. 

Judas believed in God but after kissing the face of God he betrayed Him. 

Believing in God is one of the most fundamental aspects of our humanity. It is a natural trait that every human is born with. 

Believing in the promise of God is like jumping in the wheelbarrow of a tight rope walker that you believe can make it across safely. There is a big difference in simply believing in the tight rope walker and believing on the tight rope walker.

Get in the wheelbarrow of God’s promises today! It’s stable and secure. The storms come and the troubles threaten but the promises of God always withstand and accomplish what He says.

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