The local church’s call to be effective

Technology has become a part of ministry. On the one side you have the software ministry that makes little of the real effects of technology in local church ministry and on the other you have the ones who refuse to accept that our global-local communication ability has become apart of our culture. In the middle you find the calling of the local church to utilize the best opportunities to reach out and impact our culture.

This is very well stated by Guinness:

Ever had the feeling that someone or something was looking over your shoulder while you were reading?

A Book and Goats

It may be 108 in the afternoon but north Texas mornings with a breeze are some of the most pleasant on earth. This morning I sat for a little bit outside and read the introduction and chapter 1 of Impossible People by Guinness.

I had some company
3 questions Guinness asks us to consider:

  1. Will Islam modernize peacefully in the end?
  2. Which faith or ideology will replace Marxism in China?
  3. Will the Western world sever or recover its roots?

"The west is seeking to do the near impossible: to cross the river while changing horses in mid-stream and still maintain its greatness."

The entire purpose of the book is to encourage Christian's to become unclubbable. One who is unbendable in an age that glorifies flexibility and untethered morals. It is asking for a rise of Christians who weather the cultural storms like a spider in her web because it is fastened to the strong oak.

Seems like this is going to be a great read.

Have you read it yet? I'd love to hear what you thought. Yep, you.