Corinth was not much unlike our culture

The culture of first century Corinth appears to be eerily similar to our modern culture here in America. In many ways we have just changed the methods of our excessiveness and corruption but the heart has remained as bent toward distorting truth as ever.

Lest we take a “higher view” of ourselves and miss the insight of these 2 books, check carefully the mindset of your view of today’s culture and remember that we are influenced every day by the culture we live in. As much as we like to deny the inevitable “transfer of paint”, our lives can only be sharpened if we finally surrender ourselves to God’s hardline on sin and it’s ever present effects in our lives and churches.

It appears that in the city of Corinth’s corrupt culture was shaped by 3 main aggravates:

  1. Connections – it was at a pivotal crossroads in history during Paul’s day. It had no lack of information. The educational and social centers were known through the world and had few places that could match the level of “culture” this connectedness brought to the city.
  2. Influential – it is estimated that this city consisted of a population of 600,000-700,000. Politics was a heavy hand in the culture of Corinth. It had deep connections with every part of the known world at the time. I would assume that if Rome wanted to see it’s rising stars, it looked into the political elite of Corinth.
  3. Affluent – money and fortune were the driving forces of the Corinthian people. The population had a huge disparity between the wealthy and the poor (slaves). Those who had, wanted more and those who had not, needed more. Always chasing the next opportunity drove this fast-paced work addicted society. 

To finish out the intro I wanted to share a picture of a boy (Garrett) in a tree! It has nothing to do with the study of 1st and 2nd Corinthians (or does it).

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