DAA Dallas Chapter Event | Smash Through Your 2019 Career Goals – Review

What a great event we had at the DAA meetup. I was really looking forward to connecting with other passionate data professionals but didn’t expect to have the talks impact me like they did.

Focus was word that was verbalized in any of the conversations or talks but it was for sure a theme of the night for me. Each of the speakers were incredibly relative in their approach to the topic of pursuing your dreams in 2019.

The 3 speakers were Mike Merrill, Dave Gatdulais, and Carl Brandvold.  Each one brought a different perspective to the topic and landed thier points with percision. I really appreciate the time they took to prepare and share but even more than that, they were incredibly gracious with their time during the event to share thoughtful responses to our questions.

I’m really looking forward to our next meetup in March.

If you are in the digital analytics space or hope to be, you will do yourself well by attending the next event.

Great jobe DAA team. Thank you for all your hard work on puting this event on.

Click here for more information about the event.

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