Our culture doesn’t understand redemption: PROOF

Studies have shown that about $1 billion in gift card money doesn’t get redeemed every year. This is free money so why does this happen? 

There are a few requirements that the redemption process has in it that may hinder redeeming gift card money. 

  1. Value must be locked up
  2. A code must be used to unlock the value
  3. The value must be used in the market it was locked up in

So considering these “hurdles” and the lack of many people’s willingness to act in order to use the value, I am concluding that redemption is a term that doesn’t quite fit into our culture. 

  1. There are too many restrictions or hurdles
  2. The “value” just isn’t worth it to many
  3. The market is not what we want to be in

All of these statements could be made in regards to the problem but it comes down to knowing the process of redemption and being willing to include it into our life. 
Christ has redeemed us. 

Applying these previously listed redemption requirements helps to understand why our culture is limited in it’s understanding of what that powerful phrase means.

God saw value in us and was willing to be “in the marketplace” to redeem us. We are now free to love Him and in return He is able to have a relationship with us and we can experience communion with Him.

“Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us…” – Gal 3:13

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