Grace brings everything you need with it.

“For the GRACE of GOD which was given you in Christ Jesus;” (emphasis mine)

Grace is free for us but only because of the payment that Christ made. And because it was HIM who supplied the payment we have EVERYTHING we need to live a successful God-pleasing life. 

We already know that God sent His Son to redeem the World according to John 3:16. This is not exclusive to our Peace it is essential. 

Along with grace we are enriched with everything we need in our lives to glorify God. 

Getting this grace which brings with it peace is not a guessing game that God plays with us. There isn’t some great mystery we have to uncover. 

Grace is not a guessing game
I was having a really great time. #sarcasm

Our gifts have been openly given through grace in Christ. There is no secret code or recipe. Their is no algorithm of good works and Christ work mixed with bad works. Grace is free in Christ because He paid the payment we owed and could never pay.

Can my zeal for God turn away His wrath?

Rock of agesCould my efforts save me from the punishment I deserve in my rejection of God? My sin cannot be overcome by my hands or wisdom.

This experiment of trying to save myself has been repeated and failed in every soul that has walked the earth from the beginning of time. It is impossible to please God through my hands or intentions. 

Accepting the atonement of Christ’s sacrifice is the only way to escape the wrath of a Holy God. 

It’s His mercy that allows us to see the way. It is His Grace that allows us to be accepted.

Poem: “Rock of Ages” by Augustus Toplady – 1776

What does the Law actually do?

The law was given to Moses and was not an introduction of sin. It simply magnified the true nature of sin and our desperate condition of being condemned. 

There is more to it though.

The Law did not create Grace. Grace was always there since the Fall of Adam and Eve. Like a good school teacher, the Law shows us what was already in existence by magnifying the nature of something through a series of laws. 

The Law then shows the need for a Saviour by magnification but that need was established in Genesis by Adam and then through Abraham. 

We need to be clothed in God’s Righteousness or we are condemned because HE is Holy and Righteous and that demands everything around Him to be the same. Like two magnets that oppose each, God’s righteousness pushes away unrighteousness. 

But Christ’s righteousness is given to us by Grace through Faith just as in the time before the Law. 

when this all comes together we can more easily see the purpose of the Law given in Exodus and properly understand it’s role in our salvation and explaining it to others.

Help me out, how do you explain the purpose of the Law in salvation?