The Wisdom of the Gospel (1 of 3)

In 1 Corinthians 1 Paul explains that there should be no divisions in the church. According to Paul, the “wisdom of man” believes the gospel message is foolishness and therefore anyone who follows after the cunning words of a man’s message just because it “makes sense” more than another is in the wrong. 

Paul goes on to explain in chapter 2 that true wisdom in the Gospel Mesage (cross and resurrection) can only be understood through the Spirit.

In 2:6-16 we see how this wisdom can be received. The first method God used is through revelation. In 2:10 we are reminded that God revealed wisdom to us through the Spirit. 

The “special” revelation of Godly wisdom that some claim to have and others follow blindly is in direct contrast to what Paul is saying here. Though someone may make sense to us because we understand their words or their passion is expressed in a way that resonates with us, we should be careful not to accept the messenger over the Word of God. 

What an incredible gift to have the Spirit reveal the wisdom of God to us!

This single source for knowing godly wisdom is only one reason we should strive to not have divisions in our churches. There are two more reasons that are found in verses 12 and 13.