“Kimber” decided not to repeat her past mistakes, so she chose life for baby “Jenna.” No stranger to abortion, Kimber’s first thought was to abort when she discovered she was pregnant again. This time, however, Kimber started her search online and found OFL instead of an abortion clinic. OFL set an appointment for Kimber to visit a nearby life-affirming center. There, Kimber shared her fears — her financial situation was leading her to consider abortion, the baby’s father didn’t think they could provide for a baby, and her prior abortion went terribly. After meeting with the staff, Kimber felt heard and had a support team to address her concerns. She thought for a long time and decided that LIFE was the only option she was willing to choose for OFL baby #3123, Jenna! by online4life

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“Jessica” will soon be a high school graduate and a MOM to baby “Elise.” Scared about how her strict parents might respond to her positive pregnancy test, Jessica opened her computer and went online to research abortion information. Her search connected her with OFL, and she made an appointment at a life-affirming clinic. During the appointment, Jessica’s pregnancy was confirmed and the staff encouraged her to tell her parents the truth. She agreed, and to her surprise she received nothing but support and encouragement for LIFE! Jessica is about to walk the stage as a high school graduate. And with her parents’ support, she has enrolled in parenting classes. She’ll attend a local university in the fall and formally assume her title as “Mom” to Elise! by online4life

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