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SEO Audits

Search Engine Optimization audits include a 213 point inspection for every type of site. Company Websites, Blogs, eCommerce, and Landing Pages. You will gain insights regarding search visibility, user experience enhancements, conversion rate optimization opportunities and many other action steps to make your message much more effective.

Analytics Audit

Google analytics is the most powerful free analytics tool in the market. It continually sets the standard for measuring website traffic and user experiences on the web.  The power of the platform is that it can now integrate with many online and offline systems which can give you a much more robust view of the effectiveness of your organization’s KPI’s.  Contact me today and get a customized Google Analytics audit to make sure you are measuring your KPI’s and able to increase your desired results.

Marketing Automation Implementation

Marketing automation effectiveness depends on the integration and implementation for it’s success.  My extensive experience with marketing automation systems will enable you to ramp up new systems or optimize existing frameworks to reach new heights in conversions.  Contact me today about helping your company get the integration it needs in order to see big returns through behavioral marketing techniques.



Search Engine Optimization – Your product solves Jennifer’s problem but when she goes to Google and does a search your solution isn’t there.  This is a problem.  Google sends out a spider bot to crawl through the web and find as many solutions to people’s problems as possible for people like Jennifer.  It then relies on an algorithm to sort and rank those solutions to Jennifer’s problems so that she receives the best information as possible.  SEO is the process by which someone improves the web the bot crawls on and makes it easier for the algorithm find the value and solution to the exact problem that Jennifer is asking about.  It’s a discipline that is able to speak into every facet of an online business in order to make it more successful at reaching it’s goals with an ROI that can scale rapidly. I can help you get your solution in front of Jennifer when she needs it most.


Digital Marketing Analyst – Your last video was viewed by more than 2,500 people and the PDF download you offered was downloaded more than 800 times. 20 of those 800 people need your services.  Our world is filled with information broken down by pieces of information we call data points or metrics.  It is imperative that we are able to answer key questions about these data points in order to improve our results and take advantage of the opportunities. An analyst comes alongside a company and helps to ask and answer these questions.  

  • Where did the 2,5000 people come from?
  • How many of them were new?
  • What medium did the come from?
  • Was there a particular message that they resonated with and it caused them to be more interested in the video you spent so much of your money on?
  • What was the original source of the majority of people who downloaded the PDF?
  • Can you scale that response by doing more in that source?

Every industry needs to be asking more of these types of questions because consumers want answers where they live and in the medium that fits into their lifestyle.  I can help you make sure your data is telling you their story so that you can become more effective at reaching that audience that is searching for your product or service.


Marketing Automation Solutions – Bill has just landed on your site and loves what you are doing. He has just gone through a really rough time in his life and the article you wrote a few months back has really resonated with him.  After reading the article he clicks on the “About Us” page and takes a few moments to read it.  Finally, he signs up to get your email newsletter. The whole experience took about three minutes.  Bill closes his laptop and walks out the door more encouraged than ever.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow email Bill that day giving him more information about what was in that article?  I know what you are thinking, “Sure, responding to one person would be great but this happens hundreds of times on our site every week, that would take a fulltime job and there is no telling what the return would be.”  You are right, it is entirely possible to scale this automatically by implementing and integrating even the most basic marketing automation systems. I can help you get your marketing automation system setup or relaunched in order to reach your audience based on their behavior online.